Sasol Bursaries

Sasol is a South African company that deals with mining and trading of energy, chemicals and synfuels. The term Sasol is an acronym that stands for South African Synthetic Oil Liquid.

Sasol bursaries offered by this company are well know and common among the people of South Africa because their terms are more lenient and accommodating to all especially the seriously financially needy applicants.

The bursaries offered only cover three major field of studies and they are Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce. In the Engineering studies the following are the lines of specialization that the company is willing to fund:

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Industrial.

In the Science section the applicant is given an option of three specialization subjects namely:

  • Geology
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemistry.

Lastly in the commerce field the candidate is given an option of:

  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Accounting
  • Informatics
  • Law.

For studies not listed bursaries are not awarded. It is not necessarily true that all bursaries in the field will be awarded every year, they are awarded in respect to demand for these professionals in the near future.

Unlike some awarding companies, Sasol requires the beneficiary to work for them upon completion of their studies. This is to reimburse the company for the expenses it incurred to fund the applicant’s education.

The length of working contract is determined by the company it can be 3 years, 4 years or 5 years depending on the total cost incurred by the company. The benefits of these bursaries is that it fully covered all the expenses that the student will incur in their duration of study.

The bursary package includes:

  • Fully paid tuition cost for the whole duration of study,
  • Half the cost of accommodation throughout the course duration
  • Pays the beneficiary R8,000 per year to cover for book and upkeep expenses
  • Three meals provided by the institution to the beneficiary.

These expenses are directly paid to the university and R8,000 is the only reimbursement given to the student directly. If the student does not wish to reside in the premises, the company will reimburse them directly with the amount equal to the accommodation they would have paid at the university.

The bursary requires that the applicant should have performed exceptionally well in the following subjects:

  • Maths > The applicant should have a minimum of level 7
  • English > The applicant should have a minimum of Level 5
  • Science > The applicant should have minimum of level 6

These requirement are those who wish to pursue an engineering or a bachelors of science degree.

For the Bachelor of Commerce degree the applicant should have scored a minimum of level 5 in both English and Maths. Furthermore, applicants are supposed to have been admitted for full time studies in the South African universities.

Sasol bursaries are only awarded to students going on studies to universities.  This means that that students studying at tertiary institutions such as the polytechnics students cannot get funding.

Sasol company reserves the rights to withdraw a beneficiaries funding should the beneficiary begin slacking in their academic performance.

Sasol Bursaries Application Forms?

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