Nursing Bursaries

A nurse is a person who’s main job is caring for the sick. The nurse can either be a private nurse or a nurse who works in the community hospital, helping the doctor as he or she takes their rounds. Nurses are very important to the community. In overall, there are about 20 different types of nursing careers. Students willing to pursue nursing should be made aware of this so that they can comfortably choose where they think they will fit in best.

All graduate nurses are able to adequately fit in all the nursing careers but they choose which one best suits them. At the hospital you will find two types of nurses, those who work as in-patient or house nurses and those who work at the outs-patient section. Upon employment nurses are required to work their way from the out-patient section to the in-patient section. In-patient nurses are normally more experienced because they are required to handle more critical conditions.

Out-patient nurses care for the sick patients who come into the hospital seeking treatment but their condition isn’t as bad as those admitted in the wards. As a study there are two methods of teaching normally used: theory and practice. To qualify as a nurse is not a bed of roses because one is expected to learn all sorts of health.

There are tonnes of nursing bursaries for willing applicants available at the universities and even at the Department of Education in south Africa. This is as a result of shortage of manpower in the nursing sector as it is not such a lucrative career in the eyes of most students graduating from grade 12. This is because of the conditions they have seen the current working nurses subjected to.

To apply for these bursaries from the government is rather easy, the applicant is required to submit their full personal details and previous academic certifications and wait for the Department to contact them. Should they be shortlisted, the applicant is to submit an enrollment letter from a university of their choice showing that they have indeed been accepted to a university. Should they be successful they will directly be giving the applicants the funds.

For private bursaries it is a bit more tedious. The applicant is not guaranteed of receiving the bursary immediately but the guarantors assure that it will be stored in their database for at least three years so the applicant should be hopeful as long as they have met the required terms.

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