Eskom Bursaries

Eskom is an energy company in South Africa. It boosts to be a monopoly in South Africa, supplying about 95% of the electricity used by the country. It mainly deals with the generation, transmission and trading of electricity.

It buys and sells electricity even to the neighbouring countries, those that form the South African Development Community (SADC). It also supplies about 45% of the energy used by the whole continent. In short it is a big company and with that it also has a big heart that is giving to the people of South Africa.

To the company, awarding education bursaries is one of its ways of giving back to the community, otherwise known as CSR. It wants to create an even larger pool of labour resources that will see to the growth and development of the nation in general.

With more learned people it means, more job creation, more revenue in form of taxes and hence the growth and development of the whole nation. It will be a win-win situation for all parties involved with such as generous move of allowing bursaries by the company. Eskom gives out bursaries to needy and able students.

These individuals are however required to come back and work for the company for a certain duration of time and after that they are free to leave at their own will.

According to Eskom, education is of high importance, with that they are able to develop competitive individuals. At Eskom there are three types of bursaries namely:

  • Full Eskom bursary
  • Eskom merit bursary
  • Scholarships.

Full Eskom Bursary

With the full Eskom bursary, the applicant should be an academic performer that has a good track record of performing extremely well in their previous academic levels. He or she should be a national of South Africa and lastly are required to go back to the company and work for an agreed duration.

This bursary does not need financially incapable parties, all is required is that the student should be a performer, with an excellent track record.

Eskom Merit Bursary

The Eskom merit bursary is however more lenient to the applicant. It requires that a needy student not necessarily and academic privileged student though at least the candidate should be an average student.

Disabled parties are encouraged to apply too and the upside to this type of bursary is that the beneficiary is not obliged to work for the company upon completion of their studies.

The scholarship is given to academic able student and the minimum year of service the beneficiary is required to work for the company is 5 years.

In conclusion, to be considered for the Eskom bursary one needs to be a South African national, should be admitted to a South African university and must accept to undergo a medical examination to check on their health status.

The potential applicants should have performed extremely well in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Physics
  • Mathematics.

All applications should be submitted to the company by the 31st of July for the next academic year for purposes of accounting.

Application Forms?

I suggest you visit there site here  to download the application form

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