Eastern Cape Bursaries

Pursuing higher education is a dream for many Eastern Cape students that might not come true for some because of the financial obligations that come with it. Many students are not aware of the fact that they can complete their studies with the help of bursaries for the people of Eastern Cape.

The Eastern Cape department offers numerous bursary opportunities to well deserving students who showcase dedication in their studies. If you believe you have a calling in the nursing industry, the health department has comprehensive bursaries offered to qualified students. These bursaries cover the following.

– Tuition

– Registration

– Books

– Accommodation

– Meals

Nursing Bursaries – Eastern Cape

The nursing bursaries in Eastern Cape are designed to develop numerous communities served by the department of health. Essentially, the bursaries are offered for purposes of enhancing communities in urgent need of health professionals.

As such, anyone who benefits from these bursaries is supposed to be ready and willing to work in these districts, as this is the only way through which residents can benefit. Consequently, applicants are advised not to overlook this requirement when applying for the nursing bursaries in Eastern Cape.

Agriculture Bursaries – Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is also known for offering agriculture bursaries. Ideally, these are suitable for students who want to pursue agricultural studies but they don’t have the financial backing needed to carry this out. The agricultural field has a shortage of qualified and professionally trained personnel and it is for this reason that the bursaries are offered.

They are aimed at encouraging students to pursue agricultural studies in order to enhance the field. Before applying for either of these bursaries opportunities, applicants should confirm they meet the following requirements.

– Should be SA citizens from Eastern Cape

– Should have the latest academic tertiary results or Grade 12

– Applicants should have proof they have been admitted to a higher learning institution.

– Applicants should take time to complete the necessary bursary application forms and provide truthful information.

– Provide authentic ID photocopy

– Should provide a physical address

Application forms for bursaries are supposed to be collected from the relevant sub districts and resubmitted upon completion so they can get approved. Applications submitted after the closing dates are not considered and for this reason, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications in time.

Once the applications are received, the bursary committee goes through them and successful candidates are contacted. Those who are not contacted after a while should consider their application unsuccessful and look for other bursary opportunities.

Bursaries for Eastern Cape residents has changed the lives of many people and they can change yours as well by giving you the opportunity to enjoy quality education.

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