Department of Education Bursaries

Education is an important need to all children and young adults. But very few have the potential to fund their own education. Poverty is real in Africa and South Africa is not an exception to that fact. This is the point where the government steps in with free education to all.

Education is free to all primary school students in South Africa and also the secondary school students regardless of citizenship. The government of South Africa insists on education to all, because the youngsters are the leaders of tomorrow. If the youngsters are not knowledgeable there will be no one to ensure the country retains stability or develops in the near future.

The ability to proceed to the tertiary level of education is however based on the previous performances of the individual candidate. If the student has been an excellent performer they are likely to be awarded with a scholarship or get a bursary from the education department.

Self-funding a university student is quite expensive in South Africa. A parent or a guardian must be prepared to part with huge cash amounts to take their son or daughter to the university. This might force them to sell part of their property for a substantive amount of cash to help their child secure a place at the university or secure a loan with the financial institution and offer part of their personal property as collateral.

Risking property for the education of a child is not probable to the locals, especially if the job market is not lucrative. The child might study well, perform exceptionally well in their years at college but once they get to the job market there are lack of jobs. Both the parents and children become so frustrated at this point because they are lurking behind in loan payments.

You will get students due to the sense of responsibility to their parents they will engage in crimes to fund their loan repayment without their parents knowledge. Thus bursaries have become a safer option to educate children, no party looses and no child will engage in crime cause of guilt. If they end up engaging in crime it is because they chose to or circumstances such as unemployment drove them to that edge.

Parents can seek the help of the Department of Education to request for scholarship positions for their children who have performed quite well in their grade 12 studies. If the local office, determines the results are indeed true and the family is financially unstable to provide the child’s education fees, they will be granted a scholarship or a loan repayment scheme that the student upon graduation will be forced to pay on their own.

Students can also visit their local universities and ask for scholarships. The universities also work hand in hand with the Department of Education to accommodate the needy but academic able students.

The universities will either receive direct funding from the government for the students fully paid fees or they will receive the funds from the students themselves. For further details on the bursaries, the student should visit a nearby local office before the institutions are re-opened for the next academic year to know the way forward.

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