Department of Labour Bursaries

The Department of Labour in South Africa understands the financial concerns students have and seek to lighten the load by offering bursaries to deserving students. Students interested in these bursaries are expected to submit written applications and highlight the field of study they intend to pursue in order to be awarded with the bursaries.

Ideally, these educational bursaries cover field of studies such as Engineering and Built Environment, Science, Commerce, Health Sciences, Humanities and Law.

Applicants should be clear about what they intend to pursue when applying for these bursaries in order to increase the probability of getting the same.

There are conditions set for each bursary allocation and applicants should be aware of these before sending in their applications. Ideally, most of the bursaries are binding service contracts for 3 years after graduation.

Additionally, students should confirm whether they qualify for these bursaries before sending in their applications. Eligible candidates should meet the following criteria.

– They should be South African citizens with ID numbers that are valid.

– They should choose field of studies that are career oriented. This is for the purposes of ensuring that upon graduation, the candidates function effectively.

– Students should prove that they need financial assistance in order to complete their studies.

Before applying for bursaries at the Department of Labour, applicants should find out what costs this bursary covers. With this information, they will be able to make informed decisions on whether the bursaries meet their needs.

Some of the costs covered by these bursaries include the following.

– Tuition fees

– Exam fees

– University accommodation

– Registration fees

– Residence meals

– Pocket money

– Books

Application forms are available online and from the Department of Labour offices. Students should find out the requirements needed to qualify for the bursaries before sending in their applications.

In addition to this, they should also have a clear picture of the costs covered by the bursary. Note that these bursaries are offered through specific universities and institutions of higher learning. Therefore, applicants should also gather information about the same in order to avoid been disappointed.

With these bursaries, students are given the opportunity to pursue their career dreams without having to worry so much about how they will finance their studies.

Note that the bursaries of the Department of Labour are offered to all young and aspiring South African students with exemplary performance in their studies.


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam. I wish to aply for a busary. I am going to study psychology in 2014. I have enquire at the college and is a 4year degree program with honours. I realy need your help because, I am unemployed and can’t afford to pay at all. Moreover I believe with your help, my future will be bright and I can gladly be able to produce my skills to all those people who are in need of psychologist. And be able to raise my 4year old daughter. Kind Regards. Yolisa Hoza.

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