Law Student Bursaries

Bursary is a form of financial assistance that is given to needy but deserving students who are academically able to proceed with their education. Some bursaries are refundable while others are considered as debt by those who offer them and upon completion of studies, the beneficiary is expected to work for the company or institution to repay the debt.

For those that are non-refundable most of them are normally offered by the government as an obligation to its people, while those offered by companies and other private bodies they are an act of corporate social responsibility to its customers.

Law is an important body in every government. It forms the basis of forming rules and regulations. A simpler explanation to the importance of law in every nation is that law forms the foundation in which every society is based.

Without clearly defined laws, a society will be in chaos and shambles, everyone will be acting according to the will and self-interest regardless on their neighbors woes. Law is important for businesses, it is also of importance when it comes to drafting an agreement between parties, it is important when resolving disagreement and many other factors.

Law is therefore very important to every nation and that is why in South Africa, students are encouraged to pursue it. The profession came in handy during apartheid, when the black were fighting for their independence from the colonial rule.

In South Africa, law bursaries are however limited to its citizens and other potential candidates from the South African Development community are left out of such an opportunity.

Most transactions that involve large sums of money and transfer of property need a lawyer’s consent. Lawyers are needed for drafting agreements that allow the transfer of property from one party to another so that just in case there is a breach of contract the applicant can be well defended in a court of law. The lawyers are also there to defend the rights of people who are falsely accused, when arrested for a crime or misunderstanding, the applicant has right to a lawyer to defend his or her case.

With the increase rate of crime in South Africa, there is an urging need for lawyers to defend and prosecute the criminals. Lawyers make good money. That is why, law firm opt to fund a law student and then expect these interns to work in their firms to pay the debt for a contractual period.

A successful applicant can access the law bursaries from the department of education in South Africa or can apply from the websites of the respective universities offering this course.

Applicants are however required to have performed exceptionally well in their previous level of education and must have certain track records such as member of the debate club and other social affiliates.

Most of the bursaries and scholarships are funded by non-governmental organizations. They are easily accessible at the universities and each of them have specific requirements that must be met prior to getting awarded.

They also cover certain expenses and they all vary, some will cover for tuition only and others will cover tuition and accommodation while the beneficiary covers their own upkeep.

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