BCOM Bursaries

BCOM stands for bachelor of commerce, it is an undergraduate degree in commerce and other related fields. In South Africa this degree can be offered together with other humanities specialization such as Law, Philosophy and Information Technology.

That is to stay the awards will read Bachelor of Commerce with Law, Bachelor of Commerce with Philosophy and Bachelor of Commerce with Information Technology, the graduate will have tackled more than one degree but in the end it is more expensive than the normal BCOM stand alone studies because the student will end up taking more units and hence more charges.

The issue of funding is still a major concern in the African country. Very few students get to receive bursaries from the Government upon completion of their grade 12 studies. Even with the few that do, they are required to at least cater for some of their expenses which is not as much as what the private university students have to go through.

Poverty is a reality in South Africa, not everyone is living well and not everyone is able to fund their children through university. The parents will have to ask for huge loans to do so and that is not to say that processing a loan in South Africa is easy. It is a hustle, a form of security must be attached to the loan in most cases the security can be a car, a piece of land or any other valuable item that can easily be disposed should the loanee default in payment.

BCOM students can work as accountants, financers, marketer, procurement officials and management. Among the options the students are given for specialization purposes are Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Micro-finance, Management, Procurement and Entrepreneurship. With the entrepreneurship specialization, BCOM students are also endowed with knowledge they can use to open up their own business ventures and adequately run them.

These students cannot be as badly off as students from other professional courses such as Law, they can easily get on their feet and use the skills learnt to make money. Law students are not allowed to start their own firms upon completion of studies in fact the student must have practised and worked for at least 12 years defending cases so that they can go into private practice.

BCOM bursaries are accessible from the Department of Education in south Africa or fro private funding sources such as businesses or Non Governmental organizations or simply well wishers. From the Department of Education the student can receive a bursary in from of a loan, that the government will require that it is fully paid back in form of instalments once the graduate is employed.

This repayment will be deducted monthly from the beneficiary’s salary by the tax authority in south Africa and it will be deducted plus its interest. From private sources the bursaries can be accessible from the universities, that is the enrolled student can ask if there are any scholarship offered to needy students who have no means of self-funding their education.

To become eligible to apply for such bursaries most ask for a 70% pass rate in the former academic levels once completed. To learn more about the private bursaries it is advised that the students visit the university’s websites.

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