Accounting Bursaries

Accounting is a discipline that all business people regardless of job position should have basic knowledge in, if they want the business to prosper. Even the doctor who owns his or her own clinic should have basic knowledge of this field even if they are going to employ a more qualified personnel to run their accounts for them.

This knowledge is quite important it helps the user to know whether they are using their current funds well and whether they are improving or they are slacking somewhere in their business. Accounting is all about recording transactions, keeping financial records well and organized, performing internal audits, interpreting and advising the management team on the financial analysis and finally advising on tax related matters.

Accountants are people who rarely lack jobs, because they can work as freelance auditors or work for a company. The accountant’s life is rather boring as compared to the other business staff. The accountant’s place will always be behind the desk where they will compute the figures, record transactions and analyze them. There are however, the most depended in the company, the accountant will be the one who will either release the funds or hold them if the proposal is not enticing to them.

Good accountants will tell whether the company is doing well or not and if it is not he or she will set sanctions against misappropriation of funds. This is because at the end of the day all fingers will be pointing at them and lots of questions will be raised why funds are inadequate and so on.

The accountants are also able to project the company’s status in the future based on the current performance. They are also responsible for interpreting the figures to the top management staff to determine whether a project that is yet to be implemented is viable or not.

They further assist in filing tax return forms for the company and each employee in a business. The company, if it employs a good accountant will be able to play around with its tax returns and hence end up enjoying plenty of tax holidays and reliefs.

Studying accounting in South Africa can be possible through the universities or colleges. The university will offer the accounting courses based on what they deem fit for the South African market.

However, there are other institutions that offer the renowned global accounting course known as ACCA. The course prepares the student to work in any global market because it is always up to date with the current accepted accounting practices.

To apply for an accounting bursary from the government, the applicant should be ready to take an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce and specialize in accounting, because government only funds diplomas and degrees.

For the professional course otherwise known as ACCA the student can search for funding on the web for business or auditing firms willing to fund a prospective student at a price. The student will be required to work for the auditing firm upon completion of studies as an extra manpower source. To be eligible for these scholarship opportunity the student should have performed exceptionally well in Mathematics and English.


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