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Ernst & Young Bursary Application

Ernst & Young Bursary application

Brief Description of Role

Application for a bursary. Students who are currently studying or intend studying towards a Chartered Accountant (SA) qualification.

Application Requirements

The applicant should attach a copy of an ID,Matric certificate,academic record to date and CV

Key Responsibilities

Bursaries awarded on academic merit:
- Students who are in their matric year will only be considered for bursaries if they achieve at least a “C” symbol for maths on Higher Grade in their June exams. (Continued)

Bursary For Teaching in South Africa

Teaching is a noble profession. Not only are you teaching theories in classes but you also have the power to impact generations of people in South Africa.

Some people look down on teachers but I believe that teachers play a very important role in the society. Some say that teaching is the most important profession in the world. Here are more reasons why teaching is such a noble profession:-

- Teaching allows a person to educate young people who have the potential of becoming great leaders in their generation. (Continued)

Typical/Possible Bursary Interview Questions

Bursaries do help offset the financial burden that most students face when desiring to join a learning institution in South Africa. There are many companies or institutions that offer bursaries to needy students. Such companies include Eskom, Pwc, Sasol among many others.

Before we can tackle some of the typical or possible bursary interview questions you will have to face, let us look at the application process first.

In the process of looking for bursaries to apply for, you will first have to know the company that you will be targeting and after doing thorough research, get to find out where you can download their bursary application forms or apply online. In most cases, you will have to write a bursary application letter that will accompany the forms. (Continued)

Bursary Application Letter Sample/Format/Example

Bursaries do really help those people who are financially constraint and they need to pursue their education. Before one can apply for a bursary, they need to know how to write one so that they can stand a high chance of being successful.

The internet has made it easy and if you search diligently you will come across sample bursary application letters that will show you the format of writing a good application letter. Some websites on the internet do give instructions while others provide you will actual sample letters that you can use.

There are also people out there that can write applications for you for a fee. (Continued)

Bursary Application Forms, Where To Get Them

There are many companies and institutions in South Africa that are offering bursaries to people that are interested. Some of these companies include:-
- De Beers
- Gold Fields
- Anglo American
- Monash University
- Basil Read
- Department of Agriculture
- Exxaro
- Fluor Daniel SA
- FNB Trust (Continued)

PwC Bursary

There is a bursary offer from PwC. Below are more details on the same:-

- Company: PwC
- Bursary Location: Mafikeng
- Qualification Level: Grade 12
- Application Closing Date: 30/09/2014
- Line of Service: Assurance
- Division / Group: Assurance-Audit
- Grade / Level: Graduates (Continued)

Mining Bursary, Exxaro

If you are a candidate that is currently in GR 12, or are a candidate that has matriculated recently that is about to commence with their 1st year study in the next academic yr, then this bursary from Exxaro is for you

The process to select suitable candidates is done annually with the support of the Exxaro Community Development Practitioners at all Exxaro Business Units.

Please note that bursaries are normally awarded to studies that are in line with the business needs of Exxaro.

Such studies would include:- (Continued)

Fasken Martineau Bursary, Gauteng

There is a bursary offer from Fasken Martineau. Below are more details:-

Organization: Fasken Martineau

City: Sandton

Province: Gauteng

Fasken Martineau evaluates the potential recipients of this bursary as per the following criteria: (Continued)

Fordham Business Challenge

There is a competition that is targeting bachelor students who are garduating in South Africa plus recent graduates.

Below are more details concerning this scholarship opportunity

Fordham Business Challenge 2014

What you can win: (Continued)

Bursaries Application Forms

Higher education comes at a cost and more often than not, it ends up been more than you can afford. You don’t have to despair or lose hope though. If you are a committed student whose performance is above standard, you can benefit from bursaries.

However, for you to benefit from this kind of financial aid, the first thing you need to do is fill in an application. Most students shy away from applying for bursaries because they don’t know where to get bursaries application forms. This should not be the case. (Continued)